[HALAL] Nasi Dalca Rahim @ Queen Street, Georgetown, Penang: Appetizing And Must-Eat When Touring Penang!

Somewhere in the Indian enclave within Georgetown, the Little India, there’s a famous food stall located just opposite Sri Mahamariamman temple at Queen Street. The food stall sells their all-time famous nasi dalca since 1948 and the recipes had been passed passed down the generations. Till today, huge crowds still frequent this place every evening without fail.

You too, can try it out for yourself:)

Nasi dalca Rahim (established since 1948). With bursting business here every evening, it makes me wonder why they don’t upgrade their small stall into a shop house at least. It's not really hygienic to eat at the road side.

Younger generations running the business now but according to my friend, the taste still great, unchanged. Seen here also the mixed vegetables, chicken liver and chicken neck (huh!)
Eggs, by demand only
Internal organs: liver, spleen. Not advisable to be taken by those suffering from gout as it contains high level of uric acid. I don't like it.
What’s nasi dalca? The name came from they way the rice is cooked. If I'm not mistaken, the rice is cooked with dal until the dal's essence is absorbed into the rice. The rice is then eaten with cathi/ chatni (coconut paste mixed with other ingredients/ spices). So, pay more attention to the RICE!

My nasi dalca (RM6), fragrant 'dalca' rice soaked with generous amount of curry (my request) with quarter curry chicken and mixed vegetables (slices of cucumber, carrot, onion, potatoes), plus some chatni (coconut paste).
Another close up photos of the nasi dalca, colorful and appetizing, right? Yeah! Every spoonful will scoop up a few different chunks of vegetables that are refreshingly ‘cooling’ when eaten together with the rice.
Curry chicken, well cooked, very tender and juicy (with curry flavor). And did I mention they gave quarter (drumstick+ thigh) chicken too? Truly satisfying and along with the rice soaked with curry forming something like curry porridge...do they even have this term? Hehe.
Another view of the curry chicken. Slightly less meat over the drumstick, probably loss during the cooking as the meat was so soft and can easily detached even with some gentle stirring. Luckily, the meat over the thigh still maintained.
Close up photos of the vegetables mix
I’m just sitting and eating in front of this amazingly beautiful temple, opposite Sri Mahamariamman Temple. Don’t think there’s any 5-star hotels/ restaurants offering this kind of view:)
Nasi Dalca Rahim
Queen Street,
Georgetown, Penang
(Opens daily from 7.30pm - 2am)

Ask for generous amount of chatni and vegetables.

Tasty Or Not?
Rating 7.5/10. Easy to eat and gentle on the stomach. A ‘healthier’ version of nasi kandar, I may be wrong, hehe

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