Duty Free Zone @ Bukit Kayu Hitam, Perlis: Chocolate Shopping Spree!!!

Every time I go to Langkawi island, I'll be buying back a lot of chocolates. Why? Because it's cheaper due to its duty-free status. But...to go all the way to Langkawi island and buying back a lot of chocolates, is it worth it?

IMHO, it's not worth it.

Why? Firstly, it's the long drive to Kuala Perlis, followed by the long ferry trip to Kuah town. Upon reaching there, you'll notice the high car rental to tour around the island and the pricey hotel stay in Langkawi. To be able to buy chocolate ate cheaper price is just a trade off for all your hassle coming to this island.

Where is this? Am I suggesting to you to go out from the country? :)
If you haven't visit Langkawi island before, then please visit it once for the sake of supporting our country's tourism industry. However, if you'd been to Langkawi island, you'll realized that there aren't anything that will attract you to visit a second time.

Bukit Kayu Hitam - Thailand border
Secondly, there are too much hassle carrying back the chocolates that I'd purchased in Langkawi back to the mainland. Imagine carrying all the chocolates into one of those packed ferry, plus under the hot Malaysian weather too. Crazy right for just a few ringgit less!

The Zon Duty Free shopping complex. Yes, it's a whole building for you to check out duty-free stuff. There's even a supermarket in it. Unlike those small shops in airport.
I'd found a better alternative, by driving up to the Batu Kayu Hitam-Thailand border instead. If you've passport, you can simply walked over to Thailand (but must pay RM1 for the Custom officers to use their 'VIP' lane). If you don't plan to go to Thailand, there's this duty-free shopping complex, 'THE ZON DUTY FREE', located just before entering the Thailand border. You can buy all the duty-free chocolates that you want, carry it out and put in your car and...go in and buy even more chocolates!

The massive shopping complex, which house The Zon Duty Free
Chocolates! Even one brand also have more than 10 flavors!
Premium Swiss chocolates, stacked like gold and silver bars, hehe
My chocolate purchase, 12 different types of flavors!
Another purchase for my mum:)
Alcohol, very cheap, but I'm not interested. Also, I heard we must stay certain day and night before we're eligible to buy duty free alcohol.
Drive all the way here if you want to buy chocolates. No need to go all the way to Langkawi island

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  1. very agree with you hahaha.... BKH has really impressive duty free :)

  2. yup, minus the hassle to go to Langkawi

  3. Any other stuff beside the chocolate?

  4. yeap...alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol, hehe:)

    (btw, i think you need to be in thailand for certain number of days before you are eligible to buy the alcohol...but for chocolate, it's free for all, hehe)

  5. bukit kayu hitam is in kedah indeed..not perlis

  6. how much is 30pcs ferrero rocher there?

    1. I duno le wey, i dun work there..

    2. 2.50 rupiah

  7. to go bkh do we need any passport or something?

    1. No need..but if u wan to go further into Thailand, some duit kopi will suffice:)

  8. agree lolx

    for alcohol (beer is hard), it's easy to take out lolx. Put in under ur car seats, or any place that able to hide it, such as inside the luggage full of clothes. they usually won't check much wahha