MUST Mention: Yee Fatt Curry Mee @ Ipoh: Best Dry Curry Noodle...My Second Best, Second Favorite Curry Mee!:)

Okay, this is the last of the three breakfast meals that I had for yesterday (yea, 3 meals for breakfast, hehe). You can read the other two entries here:

Dry curry mee and normal curry mee @ Yee Fatt, Ipoh

Breakfast 1: Notable Mention: Bidor's Soon Kee Chee Cheong Fun...Warming Up My Tummy Just Right!:)
Breakfast 2: Another Notable Mention: Kampar Char Koay Teow...Good But Not Great

Yee Fatt's signboard outside, color fades with time and this showed that Yee Fatt had been around for a long, long time:)
Another signboard that doesn't fade with time. The benefit of having these type of signboard.
Well, I finally reached Ipoh after 2 stopovers at Bidor and Kampar and for my last breakfast, I chose to eat curry mee at Yee Fatt, my SECOND best, SECOND favorite!!! If Penang is famous for their char koay teow, Ipoh is DEFINITELY famous for their CURRY MEE! Do you know there's no 'dry' curry mee in Penang, or at least I don't know any of it? Hehe.

Inside the restaurant. If you don't know what to order, just point to the photo instead, hehe. Anyway, my recommendations...must try the dry curry mee, normal curry mee and 'tan cha'/ 'egg-tea' drink, but skip the glutinous chicken rice, so-so only.
The restaurant was packed with customers.
Just taking this photo while idling and waiting for my curry noodles, hehe.
My 'tan cha'/ egg-tea drink arrived first. No egg here because I don't want it (already exceeded my egg quota for the week, hehe).

BTW, if you're wondering where's the best curry mee, or my favorite/ best curry mee in Ipoh, you can read it here also:
Ipoh Police Station Curry Mee: You've Heard It On Radio, Now Read It In 'Tasty Or Not?'

Boss No. 1/ Generation 2, manning the noodle station.
Boss No 2/ Generation 1 (elder boss), manning the drink and pastry section.
 Boss No 3/ Generation 3, putting the finishing touch:)

Alright, not to waste anymore time, do go through all the photos taken when I had my curry mee at Yee Fatt, excellent!
Dry curry sauce, concentrated aroma and long-lasting taste. From the aroma itself you can already 'taste' it already, haha.
Chicken meat, nicely shredded into many small pieces and easy to eat.
Char siews, yummy! The color was so enticing! Give me boneless meat anytime! Will be a nice companion to the curry sauce but by itself, the taste was minimal.

Taugeh/ beansprouts, most famous in Ipoh and you can see from here why...big, fat, juicy beansprouts!:)

My dry curry mee enveloped with a layer of thick curry sauce! Please remind the boss not to minimize the amount of oil so that your curry noodle won't be too oily.
Normal curry noodle, the soup variant. Almost similar in taste but not as strong as the dry curry. Also, please remember to ask for less 'oil' or else it'll end up oily like this photo. BTW, the oil is mostly from the curry chicken.
I usually order a plate of dry curry mee and then 2 pieces of 'fu-chuk' in curry soup. By doing so, I get the best of both, dry and soup!
Another closer view of my dry curry mee with chicken, char siew and siew yuk (RM6). The taste was heavenly delicious and intense but sinfully dangerous to my health, hehe. I limit myself from eating here once a month only, hehe.
Another close look at my normal curry noodle, yummy!

Pastries section...seen here are wu kok/ Chinese yam with meat fillings), egg tarts and siew pau. Above average pastries and I'd suggest you to eat at all the famous dim sum restaurant in Ipoh instead.

Yee Fatt Tea Shop
9, Jalan Kampar (Jalan Raja Permaisuri Baiduri)
Ipoh, Perak
Open Tuesday - Sunday (close on Monday) 7.30am - 3pm
Tasty Or Not?
Rating 8.5/10. Best dry curry noodle that I'd tasted so far but if you're not used to the intensity, suggest you to try the normal curry noodle instead. Again, don't forget to ask them to minimize the amount of oil!


  1. nice foods. there is a TEA STALL at buntong. they are selling various coffee and tea made with pure cow milk. very tasty!!! try it!!

  2. thanks..wil check it out if im around, for what? this you must help me out, hehe:)