Lunch @ Royal Bay Beach Club, Pangkor Laut Resort: High Expectation?

There are two restaurants open for lunch at Pangkor Laut Resort and we can choose either to eat at Royal Bay Beach Club or at Chapman's Bar. Since Royal Bay Beach Club is nearer to our villa, we chose to have our lunch here and save Chapman's Bar for lunch the next day.

Come join me for lunch:)

Royal Bay Beach Club @ Pangkor Laut Resort
Another view of the Royal Bay Beach Club @ Pangkor Laut Resort
Besides lunch, also served as a lounge in the evening.
Menu at Royal Bay Beach Club
Table decor, plus my sky juice
Closer look at the sauce bottle, creative!
Nice ambient, but a little too warm. No option for air-condition section.
For appetizer, J chose Makimono (she always choose Japanese foods, whenever possible, hehe) while I chose Caesar salad. How was it?

Appetizer: Makimano (RM45)
Makimano, a selection of sushi rolls, served with piquant wasabi paste.
Another view. Presentation-wise, I'm not sure it was meant to be this...MESSY! To be honest, it was a major turn-off for me when I saw this and I haven't taste it yet also!
Closer view of my super-messy makimono. I don't think this messy-ness is intentional, it's blatant disrespectful to the food and the guests!
For RM45, this is the best that Pangkor Laut Resort's Royal Bay Beach Club can offer? Some lousy sushi rolls with...pickles? Where the salmon? unagi? etc.? Cheapskate! To be honest, this is the worst sushi rolls I'd ever tasted! PLR had disappointed J and me! Don't order this!
Caesar salad (RM45)
Caesar salad, romaine lettuce tossed with smoked salmon, crispy beef bacon, shaved parmesan, garlic chips and herbed croutons. Let me just get straight to the point here. The romaine lettuce wasn't fresh, the smoked salmon appeared generous in the photo here but thin like paper, beef bacon was either playing hide and seek with me or totally AWOL. Overall, another substandard appetizer.
Next, for main course, after listening to the waitress introduction of each food, J decided to order Pangkor tropical pizza while I ordered Murgh Makhani, both of us bracing for some decent foods after the disastrous appetizer!

Murgh Makhani (RM50), papadom with briyani rice

Excellent sauce, full of aromatic spices flavor, but not overwhelmingly too strong, just right! The briyani rice was fragrant and perfect match for the whole dish. 
Murgh Makhani's main, boneless chicken chunks in yoghurt-spice marinade, cooked in rich butter spiced sauce, served with briyani rice and tender green peas (I didn't see any here, think the substituted it with spring onions). The boneless 'thigh' meat was so well marinated and cooked so well that the meat was so tender and to absorb all the sauce exquisite spice-flavor sauce. An absolute delight at every bite! To be honest, I even asked for a second serving for this meal and I was surprised that they don't charge extra for 'top-ups', hehe.
J's ordered Pangkor tropical pizza (RM45)
Pangkor tropical pizza, with succulent chicken rendang, pineapple, spring onions, tomato sauce, mozzarella, dusted with aromatic spices.
Mozzarella cheese was okay but spring onions(!), huh! The succulent chicken rendang wasn't as succulent as my Murgh Makhani's chicken. It was literally bits-sizes of flavorless chicken rendang. To make matters worse, the pizza's crust was so hard that it was literally like eating a board (yikes!)!. The result, J ate 2 slices while 1 ate only one, then we take away the remaining, which we of us detest from eating it and finally ended up in rubbish bin on the second day.
Also, in between our meals, I think the waitress was attentive enough to realize that J was attacked by swarms of mosquitoes (okay, I'm exaggerating here but she was definitely 'disturbed' by the countless of mosquitoes here). So, the waitress brought a mosquito repellent and put it on top of the table that we're sitting and the wind blew the smoke directly to J, aii!
I placed the mosquito repellent below one of the empty seat instead.
Finally, it was time for desserts, J ordered 2 scoops of ice cream while I tried their sago gula melaka.

2 scoops of ice-cream (RM25), huh!
Try asking the waitress if it's Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and you'll be disappointed. RM25 for some brand-less ice-cream? I think Pangkor Laut Resort don't short-changed your guests who came here expecting nothing but the best since we don't really mind paying for it.
Sago gula melaka (RM35).
I love the presentation for this. For once they put 'some' effort, albeit a simple one for their food.
It was too sweet, even for J who has a sweet tooth. For me, it was like drinking concentrated sugar, gosh! I had to give up this food in the middle or risk ending with hyperglycemia
One of our guest when we were having our lunch:)

Tasty Or Not?
Rating 4/10. It was unfortunate that my wife ended up with most of the lousy foods here while I did get a way with one nice main dishes (Murgh Makhani, separate rating 8/10). Shame on you, Pangkor Laut Resort for ripping off your guests with such a lousy foods!


  1. not mistaken their ice cream is from baskin robbins . not sure if they had change since .

  2. nope, it's not. i asked already:(

    PLR really cheapskate...