Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake @ Food Foundry, PJ: Best? Special? Over-Rated, Over-Priced, Over-Expectation!!

I went to Food Foundry today after my friend told me about their one of the kind dessert, Mille Crepe cake. 'Mille' means a thousand in French but don't expect a thousand layers of crepe here. It's just a little more than 15-20 thin layers of crepe.

Food Foundry located on the ground floor of Happy Mansion apartment, PJ.
Menu are nicely clipped onto a board. Expect price ranging above RM8 for foods and RM5 for drinks. Who would expect this range of prices under some apartment, without air-condition and with no Wi-Fi access?
Prices for mille crepe 'cake' and actual cakes. Astonishing price I'd say, comparable if not higher than cakes at Levain B & G, or even in some hotels or Secret Recipes! Is the cost of living really rising so fast, so much??!!
My teatime order: Chocolate Mille Crepe (RM9) and cappucino (RM5.50). Total RM14.50
Another view of my 'very' expensive teatime break
View from the front, after a ate the front portion of my chocolate mille crepe.
Side and closer view of the many layers of crepes which form my chocolate mille crepe cake. Hard truth? It's just too sweet and with the crepe being so 'very' thin, I was just literally eating chocolate creams (yucks!!!) only. Felt so nauseating after eating it, not to mention the amount of calories in it!
Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion Jalan 17/13, 
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Open daily, 11am – 10pm. 
Tel :03-79553885
Tasty Or Not?
Rating 4.5/10. Either they're not making it the correct way or it's purely hype. Furthermore, the exorbitant pricing here (for all their foods and drinks) do not reflect the location, taste or environment. Over rated!


  1. Tried FF and also agree with your statements.

    You tried Humble Beginnings? No outlet but they deliver. Blogs say it is the best!

  2. unfortunately, humble beginning don't have a stall. also, they're selling a whole cake/milie crepe. i'd prefer to try one slice first before committing myself to a whole cake:)

  3. FYI "Crepe being so very thin"
    - crepe is meant to be thin.

  4. maybe you could give FF a second try. I think the vanilla mille crepe cake is better than chocolate. It is a little pricy for the location, but the price is not far off compared to a slice of cake you might get from, say, Secret Recipe.

  5. Tried couple days ago and am totally agreed with you. Food Q not up to (my) standard. Mayb the ikea atmps good enough for some but the condition nt as any good than secret recipe ok. Both serve just ok good food w above average price. Mayb our purchase power too good or our taste demand downgrade?!