Breakfast At Chawan, Bangsar: Food Sucks...But Good Coffee

Yesterday, I had planned what I wanted to eat today. What's my plan?

Chawan @ Bangsar. Corner shop lot, open air. It wasn't so hot because I went there in the morning. However, I can't imagine eating nasi lemak anytime during the scorching hot afternoon in Malaysia. Also, since coffee is their specialty, I'd expect a cozier environment for customers to spend their time enjoying their coffee.

Well, breakfast would be at Chawan, followed by lunch at Nirwana banana leaf rice and finally dinner at Al Rawsha (Arabic food). Woke up on the dot today, anticipating a wholesome day of nice foods.

Chawan's menu. Err..they should change their front page. Not professional at all (although I knew what they wanted to express)

Interior decor, simple but refined.

Reached Chawan @ Bangsar within 10minutes (no traffic jams, yay!). As recommended by my close friend, M, I planned to order nasi lemak ayam goreng berempah (RM14.50) but they told me they haven't prepare it yet. So, I ended up ordering nasi lemak chicken rendang (RM10.90).

Another similar angle of Chawan's interior.
View at the back of the cafe. The newspapers are for selling only. No free reading allowed. WTF?! Where else can you find a more stingy cafe NOT allowing customers who paid more than RM10 for a nasi lemak to read their newspaper??? Even McDonald got free newspapers for customers to read! Worst still, I need to pay the service charge amounting almost to RM1 and still, I can't read the newspapers??!! Cheapskate!!

For drinks, coffee is Chawan's specialty. They named all their coffee using the name of states and towns in Malaysia. I asked the friendly waitress what's their famous coffee that people always ordered and she mentioned Kemaman coffee, Ipoh coffee and Chawan Frappe. I ordered Chawan Frappe, something chilling to counter the effect of the anticipated spicy-hot nasi lemak that I'd ordered.

My fork and spoon, plus serviette nicely placed in a small rattan basket. I like!
Chawan Frappe (RM5.50). I love the bitter-sweet and coffee aroma but as time goes by (and the ice melted), the taste seemed to be more diluted, especially at the end. This showed that the coffee shot wasn't enough! Perhaps, they should put a column in their menu for additional coffee shots (if they're so stingy to give more than one shot). I'm sure most people don't mind to pay more.
My nasi lemak chicken rendang (RM10.90). Firstly, they served two pieces of chicken rendang. I got one chicken breast and another one that I don't even know which parts if came from! The 'rendang' sauce wasn't thick and the chicken meat was bland (probably will be more tasty if there's adequate rendang sauce!). No point giving me chunks of meat that's tasteless. I'm coming here for an eating experience, not to be stuffed! Next, rice was plain, not aromatic at all. The anchovies and nuts were minimal but worse still is the anchovies looked crushed. Hard boiled egg, they only gave HALF and egg, despite the RM10 price tag for this meal. Finally, the holy grail of the nasi lemak, the sambal was nothing more special than my school day canteen nasi lemak sambal! Gosh, omg, speechless!
My breakfast today @ Chawan, Bangsar. Now, I'm too stuffed to eat my lunch at Nirwana banana leaf rice. Aii...
69 Jalan Telawi 3
59100 Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Open daily, 8am – 12am

Tasty Or Not?
Rating 3/10 for the nasi lemak chicken rendang and 7/10 for the Chawan frappe. I'd go there again to try out their coffee but NOT their nasi lemak (KIV may try the nasi lemak ayam goreng berempah).

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