Chowrasta's Cucur Udang And Air Campur: Best Combo Teatime Below RM3 In Penang!!!

What can you get for below RM3 in Penang? Hm, actually, there are a lot of foods that cost less than RM3 in Penang (that's why Penang is well known around the world for its 'street food', just like Taiwan, but better, hehe!). Not really a good question, huh. Anyway, for those who haven't been to Penang, please come and visit Penang, whatever your country of origins or political inclinations (for Malaysians) might be. It's such a lovely and vibrant city!

Penang Cold Drinks. Lookout for this signboard as soon as you turned into Lebuh Tamil, Penang.
What I'm going to introduce today are definitely special and must try and without further delay, I'd like to introduce to you to a makan (eating) place located along one of the tributaries of Penang Road, Lebuh Tamil (a street/lane located on your left, just after Chowrasta Market). Once you turned into Lebuh Tamil, lookout for a stall named Penang Cold Drinks.

If you can't find the signboard, then look for boss instead!
For just under RM3, you can enjoy this combo teatime set:
The flavorful and crispy cucur udang and the refreshingly cool air campur.

Cucur udang (and tauhu) and air campur, side by side

Seen here is one cucur udang (RM0.60) and one tauhu (hidden, RM0.60) with special sauce. The special sauce is a mixture of chilli sauce with something 'secret' plus some crushed nuts, giving it the spicy, sweet taste.

Close up photo of the cucur udang; made from mixture of flour, taugeh (bean sprouts) and prawns (at most, negligible in amount, unfortunately), fried to crispy brown.
Cucur udang and tauhu close up photo. The cucur udang tasted unremarkable but the crispiness on the outside and burst of water from the bean sprouts from the inside were something to savor (don't forget to dip it into the special sauce). However, the tauhu was nothing to shout about, just plain tauhu, period.
The TRUTH: cucur udang and tauhu seen here, cooked in oil re-used for ?times and some are overcooked (black in color), carcinogenic? Hmm...
Who's this young man? He's the one preparing one of my all time favorite drink, air campur!
What air campur? It's a mixture of  'air kelapa + air mawar + selasih + isi kelapa + getah anggur', 5-in-1 drink! I appreciate the extra effort and ingenuity to produce one of the most 'cooling' drinks that I'd come across. (Seen here is the air campur before being stirred/mixed. The top of the drink is the coconut 'meat', not ice cream)
Ingredients: Air mawar on your left and selasih on your right
Ingredient: Getah anggur
Bird eye view of my air campur. It's the perfect drink in the hot afternoon, can rival even cendol or air batu campur (ABC)
Total damage: Cucur udang (RM 0.60) + Tauhu (RM 0.60) + Air campur (RM 1.20) = RM2.40!

Penang Cold Drinks
Lebuh Tamil,
12pm - 7pm, closed on Sunday

I'd recommend the air campur x 2 if possible!
For cucur udang and tauhu, ordering just one each should suffice for the first time. For the second tiem, just skip it (at least until they adopt healthy cooking by not re-using cooking oil for '?infinite' times and maybe use vegetable oil instead?

Tasty Or Not?
Ratings: 9/10 (air campur), 4.5/10 (cucur udang) and 2/10 (tauhu)

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