Roti Canai @ Medan Selera Tanjung Bunga, Penang: Breakfast With A View Of Masjid Terapung!

Masjid Terapung Jalan Tanjung Bunga, Pulau Pinang

Masjid Terapung Jalan Tanjung Bunga, Penang (photo taken from Google Image). One of of the most famous landmark in Penang.
Some introductions about this floating mosque:
Masjid ini terletak di tepi pantai terkenal di Tanjung Bunga, Pulau Pinang. Rekaan masjid berharga RM15 juta itu adalah gabungan seni bina tempatan dan Timur Tengah. Keindahan senibinanya berkonsepkan bentuk mutiara selaras dengan jolokan sebagai "Mutiara Timur". Ruang sembahyang utama boleh memuatkan kira-kira 1,000 jemaah dan 500 lagi di bahagian luar. Masjid baru dengan keluasan 1,295 meter persegi itu mempunyai ruang solat lelaki dan wanita serta boleh menampung kira-kira 250 kereta.
(source: Laman Web Rasmi Pejabat Daerah Dan Tanah Daerah Timur Laut Pulau Pinang)

Isn't it awesome to be able to eat my breakfast here overlooking the floating mosque? Imagine filling up both my mind with serenity and my stomach with roti canai at the same time. Great, huh?! Hehehe.

Medan Selera Tanjung Bunga
How to reach this Medan Selera Tanjung Bunga? Easy, drive heading to Batu Ferringhi. After you drive past Tanjong Tokong, the next area you'll come across is Tanjung Bunga. This food court is located just opposite the floating mosque. Once you see this floating mosque on your right, turn left into Persiaran Tanjung Bunga and drive up the slope. The food court is located on your right, at mid-slope.

Turn into this road on your left once you see the floating mosque on your right. Drive up the slope and the food court will be on your right at mid-slope.
Anyway, sorry to burst your bubbly imagination here. You can't do both, eating your roti canai overlooking the floating mosque at the same time. Why? The food court is surrounded with walls that will block your direct view of the floating mosque:)

After eating my roti canai for breakfast, I climbed on top of the wall to take this photo. Dangerous, but it's worth it:)
Let's talk about the food now. Actually, for breakfast, the choices here are limited; roti canai, nasi lemak or some fried noodles. After seeing a lot of people ordering from the roti canai stall, I followed the herd mentality and ordered a roti canai telur for myself.

The boss preparing the roti canai. His throwing techniques was good and he was able to throw the dough until it became a thin layer. I ordered roti telur extra 'garing'/ crispy.

Roti canai price: Plain (RM0.70), with egg (RM1.40) and with sardine (RM2)

My roti telur (roti canai with egg) together with the dhal sauce

Close up photo. Can you see how thin is my roti canai? Although it's thin, there were many layers because the thin dough was folded many times. Inside the roti telur, the boss also put in onions, a nice complement. However, the amount of egg seemed lacking. I can remember that he cracked an egg and put it all when he was preparing my roti telur (maybe he used a small egg). Also, it wasn't 'garing'/ crispy, aii, he forgotten! The roti telur itself was a little plain but after dipping in the dhal sauce and quickly taking it out, it taste better. The dhal sauce was creamy, not spicy (unfortunately!) but are thick enough to be able to 'stick' to my roti telur to be eaten together, nice.
Roti Canai Stall
Persiaran Tanjung Bunga
Tanjung Bunga, Georgetown, Penang
Opens: Morning

Ask for your roti canai to be 'garing'/ crispy. It'll taste much better and the texture won't be like eating dough.
If you want to eat nice roti canai, read this: Roti Canai @ Transfer Road, Georgetown, Penang: A Different Kind of Bread For Breakfast

Tasty Or Not?
Rating 5/10. Nothing special about the roti canai actually. It's the view of the floating mosque that matters!

**Eat the fish head curry (I'm not a fan of fish head and I'm not fan of fish also, so I may not be trying it, sorry) at the neighboring stall (in this food court also). My colleague told me the fish head curry was very famous (people coming from afar to eat it) and the crowd for lunch is huge.

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