Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng @ Georgetown, Penang: Best Mee Goreng!! (So Many BEST Foods In Penang Until I Lost Track!)

Another 'must-eat' food when you're in Georgetown, Penang, mee goreng!

Mee goreng is actually fried noodle. It is made popular here by Penangites of Indian-Muslim ethnic (or more commonly called 'Mamak'). Their foods command huge following because of their distinct, excitingly spicy (sometimes), super-delicious and palatable amongst Malaysians.

Bangkok Lane mee goreng (RM5)

However, there are a lot of 'imitation' mee goreng all around Penang island and in order to avoid eating at sub-par mee goreng food stall, I'd like to recommend to you my favorite mee goreng/ fried noodle which is located at Bangkok Lane...called Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng:)

Price list...try the top one. You'll come back over and over again:)
Food preparation in front of your eyes. Smells good, taste even better! You can learn but you can never be able to make the same fried noodle back home. Why?
This is why. Spices, curries, cuttle fish, eggs, fried onions, noodles, etc all mixed and fried into perfection.

As Chinese would say...enough 'wok hei'!

Recognitions, plus now an entry at 'Tasty Or Not?' too:)
Bangkok Lane mee goreng. What you get for RM5? A plate of spicy (you can ask for extra spicy too!) fried noodles with shreds of cuttle fish (some as thin as the noodle, with nice and meaty-sensation), lettuce, eggs, taugehs (crunchy, fatty bean sprouts bursting upon eating it) and some small pieces of potatoes.

Another closer shot at the mee goreng. Seen here are shreds of cuttlefish, potatoes, bean sprouts and noodles being coated with their secret sauces.
 Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng @ Seng Lee Cafe,
270, Jalan Burma, 10350 Georgetown, Penang
Opens daily: 8am- 6pm

Tasty Or Not?
I love this mee goreng/ fried noodle because the taste is an intermix between spicy-tinge of sweetness from the chewy cuttlefish with an occasional burst of fresh bean sprouts. I'd suggest you to eat there and not to takeaway in order to prevent the noodles to become soggy. The only drawbacks is the cheap oil that they're using, which is harmful to our please control your urges to eat here all the time one you got hooked to it:) Finally, the service is quick despite endless streams of people.

They had me as first taste:)


  1. I prefer mee goreng sotong PATA at Padang Kota Lama than the Bangkok Lane one..

  2. Can I know where to have mee goreng at night?