Curry Mee @ Honda Showroom, Jalan Sungai Pinang, Penang: The Best Curry Mee In Penang? Yup!:)

My heart skips a heart skip a beat, when I was think about Penang breakfast just now, hehe:)

Curry Mee (RM3.50 only) @ Jalan Sungai Pinang (just in front of Honda Showroom), Penang
You just can't compare it with breakfast in KL or PJ, at least not at the moment (hopefully I'll uncover some nice breakfast spots here soon). To compare my breakfast this morning at Antipodean Cafe (Read: Breakfast @ Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar, KL: Good At Overpricing Foods, Best For Nothing!) with Penang breakfast will be too mean, especially after my not-so-nice review about it this morning.

Nothing fancy, just a stall along the roadside selling one of the best-est curry mee in Penang:)

Only curry mee, not much option...but I'm not complaining. No other options needed:)
Just a word or two about the breakfast spot in Penang that I want to introduce to you guys. It's not located on some special or high class area, it's not in some nice designer building, there are not many different choices of foods to order from and it's definitely not expensive enough to be called set meal/ gourmet food/ mains/ etc.

One man show, plus his wife helping to serve the curry mee. Operating non-stop since open until finish/ close.
Ingredients: prawns, cuttlefish, 'si-ham' and superbly delicious and fragrant chilli paste. All guarantee fresh because the turnover there won't be any leftover once they start selling in the morning:)
In fact, it's just...
a small stall
located along Jalan Sungai Pinang road (exactly in front of Honda Showroom), 
selling only curry mee 
cost only RM3.50 per bowl. 

My curry mee (RM3.50). The curry broth/ soup was rich in flavor, enhanced with santan essence, thrilled with home made chilli paste, covered with fresh prawns, cuttlefish and 'si-ham', and absorbed by taufu-pok:)

Closer view of all the main character in my curry mee 'story':)
Oops, I think I just compared it subconsciously with my breakfast this morning:)

In front of Honda Showroom
Jalan Sungai Pinang, Penang
Opens Mon-Sat, from 8am until finish.

Tasty Or Not?
Rating: 8.5/10. Best curry mee not to be missed by anyone visiting Penang. Ai, where can I find such stalls in KL/ PJ?

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