Banana Leaf Rice @ Sri Nirwana Maju, Bangsar, KL: Finally Found The Better/ ?Best Banana Leaf Rice In KL:)

When my friend suggested to me to try out a famous banana leaf outlet in Bangsar, I already knew it'll be expensive. However, with months went by without being able to find any decent banana leaf rice in KL/ PJ, I was depraved, I was desperate.

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL
 So, what the heck? Even if they charge me RM20 for my dinner there, I'll still go. Just pray that the food will be good!

The 'banker'. Oh, I meant the boss. He was just collecting money non-stop!

Menu with words small like ants, pointless. Silly!
So, I went there last week for my dinner. Seeing so many people eating in the restaurant did boost my confident in this restaurant a bit. People were literally overflow until sitting outside the restaurant.

I was sitting inside, a little stuffy but it was okay. Well staffed and quick service.
Flavors of India, just the way I like...spicy, spiced, spectacular! Haha
My dinner spreads! Banana leaf rice with chicken/ fish curry, three side dishes, mutton curry, fish cutlet and papadom, all for just RM16.25. Well worth it despite paying so much for just one meal:)
Ordered my banana leaf rice, which arrived promptly. Next was the side dishes. From your left to right: cool and refreshing cucumbers, the soft and juicy cucumber and the crispy and appetizing bitter-gourd.
The fried bitter-gourd side dish was probably the BEST side dish that I'd tasted before...even when compared with my all time favorite taugeh/ beansprouts side dish! I ate more of the fried bitter-gourd than papadom/ crackers, amazing, right? It's that good!
I re-filled my rice twice, first time with chicken curry and second time with fish curry. On both occasion, very flavorful indeed!
I ordered mutton as my main dish. The mutton was boneless and cooked until soft, tender and absence of the 'mutton' intrinsic strong taste. It was paired together with their delicious mutton curry. However, the mutton portion that I had contain little lean meat, aii.
My 'side-main' dish, fish cutlet, hehe. Freshly fried upon order, crispy and not oily. I'd like if even more if the fish : flour ratio increases. I'm not expecting a huge cutlet but just be less 'kiamsap' with the fish, okay?
Papadom! My favorite! And I got a basket of crunchy papadom all for myself! Nice:)
43 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opens daily, 7am-2am
Tasty Or Not?
Rating: 7.5/10. Much better than all other banana leaf rice restaurants in KL/ PJ .The side dishes were excellent but could be better if there's taugeh/ beansprouts, hehe The chicken & fish curry were tasty but still lacking of the 'depth' of spices taste that Lumut Lane (Read: offers. It's nice, but Lumut Lane better:)


  1. very bad service
    especially the indian lady at the counter with ugly face!!

  2. good food but i have stopped going there. Too commercialized where the food is getting expensive and service getting poorer. Same old same old cucumber salad and gooey vegetable.
    Local staffs are not actually bothered about the Indian customers. the big boss too! i can be waiting there for a place to sit, and she can just overlook me and start entertaining a Mat Salleh.
    Devi's Corner banana leaf food tastes better and more varieties, additionally gives a better service. Try there!

    1. tq for your constructive criticism and your suggestion definitely give Devi's Corner a try someday:)

    2. Dei pundehmanua.if u dont like indian.dont critise

  3. There's better stuff in Brickfields, more authentic, more flavourful. I don't understand why anyone would rate this place so high, overpriced and not that great. I'd rate Selvam's (small stall/restauran) and Visalachis (authentic style restaurant near the temple) higher than this place. Nothing special at all

  4. Yup tried once in USJ 9 nirwana as well d name..yup nice one my fav is same w urs dat crunchy side dish. I thought its kind of timun/cucumber isnt it?? "^^ haha

  5. Nowadays every where lousy, expensive food isthe norm!!

  6. very expensive and not worth it. you shud try nasi Bukhara at Mahbub. much better

  7. I am from Penang and the best Tamil Food in KL was in in Leboh Ampang, that was in the Nineties.
    The front portion of the shop was Indian money lenders and this eatery is at the back portion. They don't have fridge then so everything is fresh. I think the shop still exist but i doubt the food is still great as due to time the cook probably dead or return to India.
    The thing about Tamil food is the Chicken curry, Sambar and Rasam, these three must be perfect, if the cook knows how to prepare their own curry paste then its authentic, if they use packed curries powder then its just mediocre.
    The breading of chicken automated so the chicken taste bland anywhere in Malaysia unless you buy the real Kampong chicken.
    I know how to cook curries so I am very judgmental when it comes to curries and I am sorry to say Nirvana Maju curries are not good, its just average. I would rate Paandi In Sect 11 PJ much higher but they too still do not belong to the "Good" category.
    I am still searching and I would let you know if I come across any good South Indian food.

  8. This restaurant started well. Now the food is run of the mill, expensive, poor sitting positions …too many tables stuffed into a small place , pretty much a run down place. Indian banana leaf shops are a dime a dozen…forget about this place, the staff are extremely arrogant, especially the foreigners ( Nepalese ?).

  9. The food really tasted bad..I would never ever go there. .overpriced, bad service and of course with the tasteless meal..Timeout magazine, please stop encouraging them with your award. .not worth it